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The International Peace Prize Medal 1988 The UN's 50th Anniversary Medal
The Int. Veteran Millennium Medal 2000
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The International 
Peace Prize Medal 1988...


The rights for the medal:


Bergen og Hordaland UN-Veteran Association have, together with The Norwegian Association of UN Veterans the official rights for the medal.

Skandinavisk Handels Kompagni is producing, making all marketing, receiving applications forms and deliver  the medal to the entitled persons.

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UN Peace-Keeping Forces were given THE NOBEL PEACE PRIZE 1988 for all peace- keeping duties up to december 1988.

It is possible to receive - The Interna- tional Peace Prize Medals 1988 - if you as a military personnel or civillian - have taken part in UN-service before the Nobel Peace Prize Award on the 10 December 1988.

It is also possible for NEXT-OF-KIN to receive this highly regarded award, as a special memory for one of their relatives who has taken part in a UN mission.

The following UN missions are included:

  • UNTSO - UN Truce Supervision Organisation
    -from 1956 to 10. December 1988.

  • UNMOGIP - UN Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan - from 1956 to 10. December 1988.

  • UNEF - UN Emergency Force 1 - from 1956 to 1967.

  • UNOGIL - UN Observer Group in Lebanon 1958.

  • ONUC - Organization des Nations Unies au Congo - from 1960 to 1964.

  • UNSF - UN Securety Forces in West New Guinea - from 1962 to 1963.

  • UNYOM - UN Yemen Observation Mission -from 1963 to 1964.

  • UNFICYP - UN Peacekeeping Forces in Cypros - from 1964 to 10. December 1988.