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The International Veteran
Millennium Medal 2000

Skandinavisk Handels Kompagni have from veterans and veteran associations all over the world been encouraged to produce this commemorative medal that can be awarded to ALL persons who have done military-, police or other civil UN/NATO service and at the same time are members of a military-, police- or veteran association.

The medal is to be SYMBOL of - and a MEMORY of - the important contribution you have made to peace in the past millennium.

As this medal is a Commemorative Medal serving and retired military personnel should wear it in accordance with the medal regulations which exist in their own country.


A short description of the medal:

In order to make the medal quite special and unique, we have chosen to NUMBER THE MEDALS INDIVIDUALLY so that no medal i alike.

The motif of the front of the medal symbolizes five marching persons, men and women, from different services. The back of the medal is embossed with a leaf wreath that surrounds the individual number.

The ribbon itself has a deep and profound meaning. The BLACK color represents Deceased Comrades and the Black Out that was endured during the war years. The RED color represents the dangers of military service. The GREEN color is rich and patriotic representative of the green land we live in.

Along with - The International Millennium Medal 2000 - follows a CERTIFICATE bearing your name and military rank.

The medals is made in bronze and passed through an elegant antik copper treatment.


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