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The International Volunteers Foreign Service Medal

History/inspiration for the medal:

Over the past number of years SHK have been inundated with queries from Peacekeepers - service and retired - all over the world concerning the manufacture and issue of a Foreign Service Medal.

Many of these peacekeepers would have served on "Back to Back" Peacekeeping / Peace Enforcing Missions with the UN, NATO, or EU and felt that a visible sign of recognition in the form of a medal combining UN, NATO and EU Peacekeeping Service would be appropriate.

Because of the complexities involved I the symbolic fusion of 3 International Peacekeeping Organisations each with their own individual mandate, modus operandi and rules of engagement.

The Medal and Award Board of SHK requested the advice of an International Peacekeeping, a retired professional soldier and Instructor of Infantry who had served in 4 different theatres of operations with 3 International Peacekeeping Organisations SEATO - NATO and UN between the years 1969 and 1990.

His advice on the portrayal of the self-sacrificing and bravery of the dangers and fears, of the hardships and loneliness, endured by world peacekeepers on the symbolism of - is greatly appreciated by our board.  

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Qualifications for receiving the medal:

You qualify for the medal if you - as a military or civilian - have done service of 30 days or more in a UN, NATO or EU Military Mission Area.

If qualifying service is brought to an end and before the end of 30 days on account of death, or evacuation from the mission area owing to wounds or other disability then the reduced period of service will qualify for the award.

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  • Civilian personnel attached to the above organisations, i.e. UN Field Service, EU Monitors etc.

  • Civilians attached to UN Agencies, i.e. UNHCR, UNWRA.

  • Members of recognised World Humanitarian Organisations i.e. International Red Cross.

  • Members of recognised World NGO's.

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Other Peacekeeping Organisations:

The following International recognised Peacekeeping Organisations may apply for - The International Volunteers Foreign Service Medal:

  • International Commission for Supervision and Control (ICSC) Indochina/Vietnam 1954 - 1965.

  • Organisations of American States (OAS) Dominican Republic 1963 - 1966.

  • SEATO (South East Asia Treaty Organisation 1970

  • Multinational Forces and Observers (MFO) - Sinai Desert/Egypt 1982

  • Multinational Peacekeeping Forces - Lebanon 1983 - 1984.

  • International Coalition Forces in the Gulf - 1990

  • International Security System Forces - Afghanistan 2001.

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Next of Kin:

Immediate next of kin (first generation only) may apply for the medal.  


The medal is dedicated, and 
to memory of:

This medal is dedicated to military and civilian Peacekeepers everywhere - SERVING and RETIRE - who have served the Nobel Course Of Peace.

It is dedicated to those wounded or maimed in body or mind whilst serving the course of peace.

But above all it is dedicated to those soldiers of peace who did not return, who died in a foreign land so far from home, whilst serving the cause of peace.

Bombed and shelled, murdered and abducted they gave their all for peace and humanity, and to make our world a better place for humanity to live in. Their memory lives on forever.

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Medal specifications:


  • Dark blue gilt in colour. The large medal is 35 mm in diameter and the mini medal is 20 mm in diameter - with a ring type suspender. On top half of medal disk, grouped together are the symbols of the UN, NATO and EU.  

  • Underneath these symbols is a helmet of the type worn by our troops on peacekeeping/peace enforcing missions.

  • The helmet is in gold crowned by laurel leafs, the symbol of the honour, loyalty and bravery of the wearer.


  • Blue gilt on which the medals 4 mains symbols are dipceted. These are surrounded by a circular white band which reads - The International Volunteers Foreign Service Medal - in gold.

Top bar:

  • Blue gilt on which a straight pin device is attached for wearing on chest. Legend on Bar reads  - International Volunteers Foreign Service Medal.

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Symbolism of medal ribbon:

Red represents the Tropical Sun over the Deserts and Jungles of Africa and South East Asia.
The burgundy read also stands for the native thistles of the Global Heights.

Green represents the Cedar Trees of Lebanon. Green is also symbolic of the Forests of Bosnia Herzegovina, the former Yugoslavia and the Balkans.

Symbolic of the ice cold waters of the North Atlantic, and the founding of NATO. It also represents the River Rhine and longest military mission undertaken NATO in defence of the free world.

The white colour is the symbolic of the  international fight against all kind of terrorissm worldwide.  

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Wearing of - The International Volunteers Foreign Service Medal.

As this medal is a Commemorative Medal serving and retired military personnel should wear it in accordance with the medal regulations which exist in their own country.

Members of Veteran Organisations should wear The International Volunteers Foreign Service Medal in accordance with the rules and medal regulations of their organisation.

Next of kin may only wear this medal on their right breast.

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