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The UN's 50th
Anniversary Medal...


The medal can be received by all military-, police- and civilian personnel that have participated in UN missions worldwide.

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Medal specifikations:

The medal are designed as a cross with spear under a star. They are maed of gold gilt metal, and the large medal has a diameter of 35 mm, and the mini medal has a diameter of 20mm.


  • The UN globe symbol with wreath in gold enamal on a white enamal background.

  • Cross in blue enamal with metal frames. Spear in blue enamal with gilt metal frame and balls of gilt metal enamel on the other side of the spear.

  • Text at the head of the cross - 1945 - and at the bottom - 1995.

  • Star with five spears in gold metal with text UN in the middle.

  • Upper part - 37mm. x 7mm. Guld enamel text on a white enamel background -



  • Blue beret of light blue enamel on a white background.
    Cross and spear of light blue enamel with gilt medal frame.


  • The medal is carried on a light blue ribbon with dark blue coloured ribbon running vertically downwards, surrounded by white (proportionally 2, 1 and 4 between light blue, white and dark blue colours).

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The history behind the medal:

The United Nations held it's 50th anniversary in 1995. Many UN Veterans quite naturally wished to have a memory in the way of a medal or similar to remind them of the day.

Together with a Veteran Association in Norway - Bergen and Hordaland UN-Veteran Association, Bergen - were proofs for the medals and Diploma created. In the last part of 1995 The UN's 50th Anniversary Medal was finally produced.

The UN's 50th Anniversary Medal, which is approved by the President of The Nordic Blue Berets is regarded as personal property and is at present a commemorative medal.

As this medal is a Commemorative Medal serving and retired military personnel should wear it in accordance with the medal regulations which exist in their own country.

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Together with all medals, Skandinavisk Handels Kompagni send a personal Certificate stating name and military status. The Certificate is sigbed by the President of The Nordic Blue Berets (anniversar year).



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